2016 has been a mixed year for films particularly in relation to blockbuster pictures. But this blog isn't about that, it's a the films that I have really enjoyed so far.

5) The Nice Guys

Shane Black's latest film is a great buddy noir flick set in the 1970's. Out to investigate the death of a pornstar, PI Ryan Gosling and Enforcer Russell Crowe get into a variety of scrapes as all is not what is seems. Not as strong as KIss, Kiss, Bang, Bang this is still worth checking out for the performances, particularly that of Gosling and the quick witted dialogue.


4) Creed

After Rocky Balboa, was there any reason to go back? Well Writer/Director Ryan Coogler thought so. And by switching the focus to the son of Apollo Creed a new champion has arrived. Charisma machine, Michael B Jordan dominates proceedings, with Heavy Weight (yes, I went there) support from Sylvester Stallone and Tessa Thompson. This is knock-out drama.


3) Love & Friendship

Based on the Jane Austen novella Lady Susan, this an acerbic joy. Full of witty dialogue and scathing comments. Kate Beckinsdale relishes the role delivering each line with vigor and demonstrating that she is the smartest person in the room.


2) Deadpool

If you have ever watched X-Men Origins Wolverine you got to see two very different versions of the Merc with the Mouth. One was reasonably close with lots of snarky one lines and taunting from Ryan Reynolds. The other was a terrible misstep.

Several years of petitioning later and one "leaked" test footage sequence later and Deadpool was back on the big screen. With a simple revenge plot at its heart, Deadpool delights in subverting and celebrating Super Heroes.


1) Captain America : Civil War

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) continues to impress. The third chapter in the Captain America trilogy, see friends become foes with both TeamCap and TeamIronMan demonstrating compelling arguments in regard to who is right, regarding Super-Human registration. After all with great power, comes great responsibility. Skilfully introducing new characters and celebrating existing ones. The cast lead by Chris Evans do an amazing job. As the MCU continues to to build towards the Infinity Guantlet story, I'm sure that Thanos is very happy to see Earth's Mightiest Heroes divided.